Have you ever tried to play a broom?

BUFA&SONS presents a concert and conference hosted by the multi-talented, telegenic Xavi Lozano, who introduces us to his personal relationship with objects.

A show in which emotion, magic and laughs are guaranteed, a show whose performers’ amazing musical talent takes its audience by storm.

Musical instruments do not exist until someone brings them to life. A trumpet lying on a table is nothing more than a still life, like a beautiful piece of plastic fruit or a stuffed animal. The same occurs with all the other instruments; or rather, those we think of as not musical, or simply objects or things. If nobody awakes them musically, we will never know how they sound. Making music with objects is as old as the hills. But the idea is absolutely state of the art.

Marc Vila, Guillem Aguilar and Xavi Lozano offer us an extravagant concert, with exquisite musical compositions. An inevitably comic but educational journey, using everyday objects we habitually see yet rarely hear, the performers demonstrate that music lies wherever we choose to find it.

DURATION: 60 minutes

AUDIENCE: General public, from 6 years old upwards

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Catalan / Spanish / English / French

SPATIAL REQUIREMENTS: Indoor or outdoor space

Stage: 6 × 4 m.

SET-UP TIME: 2 hours (including sound check)


TRANSPORTATION: Van or aeroplane

Performers travelling: 4 or 6, depending on the version

MUSIC: Original compositions and covers

Quartet version available with the Beat-Boxer “Dani Pulmón


  • Original idea
    Xavi Lozano
  • Xavi Lozano
    Handmade flutes, brick, crutch, chair, wheel, bottle, watering hoses, olive, gate,…
  • Guillem Aguilar
    Basses, mandola, mocello (“mop”+”cello”), lap steel cigar box guitar and square pandero.
  • Marc Vila
    Ethno-quotidiophonic drums and kalimbas.
  • Direction
    Bufa & Sons
  • Original music
    Bufa & Sons
  • Set and costumes
    Bufa & Sons
  • Sound
    Andreu Hernández
  • Lighting
    Daniel Carreras


march, 2024

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