A collective of artists of several nationalities hailing from different artistic disciplines, the members of the company Kamchàtka came together in Barcelona in 2006. Moved by similar preoccupations, directed by Adrian Schvarzstein, they began to explore artistically on the theme of immigration. To them Barcelona seems the ideal city to reflect on a society full of contradictions, immersed in profound problems of integration.

In March 2007, they launched the show “Kamchàtka”, which has been performed over 350 times in 27 countries. It is the winner of the Jury’s Prize for Best Show at the MiramirO International Festival in Gent, Belgium, in 2008.

In 2009, they created an indoor production, as part of Barcelona’s Festival Grec, along with the city’s Symphonic Orchestra: “Música per a les feres” (“Music for Beasts”), bringing classic music to audiences of all ages.

In 2010, they presented a new production at FiraTàrrega: “Habitaculum”, continuing with the theme of immigration. They have toured this show worldwide, such as to the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC), in Mishima, Japan.

In 2014, the company culminated a trilogy on immigration with a third street theatre creation: “Fugit”.

Currently the company is working on diverse projects and adaptations of their shows in situ: “The Trilogy”, “Ex libris” and “Kamchàtka Voyage”, in addition to performing their repertory worldwide.